Live streaming and marketing

I love live streaming games, I love watching my favorite streamers. But what we seem to not see is the mechanics in play. The best example of what I mean is this, you are a developer with a very indie and unknown game. Your game has just been released and is not really doing that […]

Hi-Toro Is Coming!

Ready, Select, Start Studios are pleased to announce Hi-Toro. A game we are working on and home to release in Q2 2015. This game is a throwback to old classics like Project X and 1942. With all hand drawn art, the levels pit your skills to fly around obstacles, avoid enemy fire and collect power […]

The start of our artwork

Throughout the past few months I have been quitely coding away at the game. But today we start upon bringing the games in game graphics up to date with a redesign, thanks to Kim Paris. She is going to be the graphic genius behind making Hi-Toro look really good. After an evening brainstorming ideas, we […]