Steam In-Home Streaming – Hands On

It has been sometime now since I first got to try Steam’s in home streaming service when it was in Beta. The feature has come along way since then and I have found myself using it more and more. I decided to share my experience, good and bad, that I have had when streaming my […]

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10 Years Later Ten Tree Games

What it is like to be indie – A Q&A with Ten Tree Games

Gaming has so much choice now. From AAA titles such as Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, Destiny etc, right down to the indie game scene. In the period between 2004 and 2008, PC gaming saw a decline despite the overall industry growing. This was partly due to the release of the Xbox 360, Wii and Playstation […]

Is the Alienware Alpha a console or a PC?

Alienware has announced their new upcoming Alpha. This was their SteamBox but is now not. Confusing. So what is the Alienware Alpha? Well it is a small mini-PC running Windows 8 but with a SteamOS like UI on top to launch Steam games using a controller. Except according to Alienware, not only is this device […]

Alienware Alpha

The Oblivion Cheat Console

Is cheating in games wrong?

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in a game and not being able to progress any further. It breaks immersion, it is frustrating and makes you care less and less about the story. Either you are stuck because you do not know where to go, or because it is hard or a particular level […]

Top 10 list of games with low system requirements

Gaming on a PC is normally seen as a way of playing the latest games with the best graphics. However, PC gaming is not only about offering top visuals, but also the most accessible platform. PC gaming offers the biggest library of games, from AAA titles to indie games. Despite popular belief you do not […]

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Growing Out of Games

Let me first set the scene, you spend your childhood absolutely hooked on a hobby and find it absolutely inspires you. You dedicate your life to this passion above all other passions that come and go. Then as you get older that hobby that you always go back to suddenly doesn’t entertain you the way […]

Top 5 places to visit in World of Warcraft

So recently I have got back into playing World of Warcraft. Many places I remember well such as Elwynn Forest. Others, I do not. However after several hours of playing some zones really stick out as those I enjoyed playing previously and now enjoy visiting. I decided to give you my top 5 zones in […]

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