About Us

Our Backstory

Originally created in 2009 by "Geon106", ReadySelectStart was launched as an online e-Magazine. Written purely in HTML and hosted on a home server the blog slowly spawned a number of reviews about technology and games.

In 2012 the blog was taken offline before relaunching in 2013 with a different format. This time focusing more on articles about gaming rather than review and technology. The relaunch also saw the start of our live streaming shows and charity events.

In 2017 the website was taken offline and was started again afresh from the beginning with much of the originally content removed. The site relaunched again at the start of 2018 with new format videos and more variety of content.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to enjoy games. We are not here to pander to publishers or mislead our readers/viewers. We play games and write about games for fun and enjoyment. We do this whilst being an independent entity with nobody above us.

As our creator, "Geon106" stated:

"A publisher can throw loads of money at us, but if their game sucks, we will still say it sucks!"

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