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Is Cities XXL better than Cities XL or worse?

Over the past week, city building fans have waited patitently for what they were hoping to be the definitive city builder since SimCity 4. Unfortunately the opinions of players has been mixed at best. So is Cities XXL better than Cities XL or worse in every way? We have heard people say this is just […]

CitiesXXL Planet

Space Engineers – It’s Minecraft in Space

Staring over someone’s computer at a LAN party I see them playing a game like Minecraft, but not, it’s in space. He is carefully building a space craft of some description. I query him what the game was, “Space Engineers” he replies. I look at the space craft take shape before him and decide to […]


What it is like to be indie – A Q&A with Ten Tree Games

Gaming has so much choice now. From AAA titles such as Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, Destiny etc, right down to the indie game scene. In the period between 2004 and 2008, PC gaming saw a decline despite the overall industry growing. This was partly due to the release of the Xbox 360, Wii and Playstation […]

10 Years Later Ten Tree Games

Alienware Alpha

Is the Alienware Alpha a console or a PC? 1

Alienware has announced their new upcoming Alpha. This was their SteamBox but is now not. Confusing. So what is the Alienware Alpha? Well it is a small mini-PC running Windows 8 but with a SteamOS like UI on top to launch Steam games using a controller. Except according to Alienware, not only is this device […]