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Bungie has ‘No Plans’ to bring Raid matchmaking to Destiny

Bungie has confirmed that they have no current plans to implement raid matchmaking in Destiny. Speaking to Game Informer, lead designer Luke Smith explained Bungie’s reasoning for not adding matchmaking to the sci-fi multiplayer shooter. “We’re certainly noticing that there is voracity in the fanbase for content that makes them think-content that challenges them in […]


Street Fighter 5 Exclusively on PS4 and PC

Capcom’s major fighting franchise is back for another round with Street Fight V coming exclusively to PS4 and PC. A prematurely released trailer, which has since been made private, confirms that the latest installment in the Street Fighter collection will not be coming to other platforms and toots the tag line “Rise Up”. Weather or […]

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PS4 20th Anniversary Edition

Sony 20th Anniversary Console and Theme

Sony are set to celebrate their 20th anniversary in style! It’s 20 years since the small grey original PlayStation emerged into the world and Sony has launched a PS4 that looks like the original console. It will sell 12,300 of the commemorative machines, coloured in ‘Original Grey’, a symbolic number related to the original PlayStation’s […]