Elypt – Mobile Game Review

Elypt Game Pong was considered a successful game due to it being “easy to learn, hard to master”. This ensured many people wanted to play the game but being good was a challenge. Elypt is one such game. This mobile game involves you following a small space craft that gets caught in the orbit of planets, you tap the planet to sling shot towards the next planet. Sounds easy right? Well this is Flappy Bird all over again! Frustration included.

Elypt certainly is addictive and fun. It’s a game which really does make you want to have just one more go.

While reviewing the game our highest score was 14. The game sadly has only just launched so the leaderboard is somewhat empty but it will be interesting to take a look once it becomes populated with some talented players to see how high some can go before sending their space ship hurtling and crashing.

Unfortunately despite this being a fantastic game, it becomes more of a chore to play due to there being many advertisements to contend with, at least on the Android version. We have not tested the iOS version at time of writing but assume it will be likely the same story there. An advert shows everytime you die causing you to tap it off, this takes away from potentially being able to quickly retry a go again. We also had a full screen video advertisement run that we could not quit out of. Hopefully the developers, Joyglitch, will be able to alter this.

If you can live with the adverts(which also use up space on your phone as they are stored locally), then there is a fun and addictive game which we will certainly be spending a lot of time playing over the coming weeks.

You can download the game free on Google Play Here and on the Apple App Store Here.

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