Hi-Toro is a game I am currently working on. I do not know how to code or do pixel art, but after being inspired by people such as Jonathan Blow, Derek Yu and Team Meat, I thought I would try and follow my dream of making a game. I also feel that if myself, a normal average person with no programming skill can make a game from start to finish then anyone can. I am a huge advocate of indie games. I think for the gaming industry to be recognised as an art rather than just a media, it needs to be easier for anyone to express themselves.

So the game I am making is a side-scrolling action game. You fly through the ever increasingly challenging levels getting power ups and avoiding enemies. I will also be looking at adding further game mechanics. Follow this blog to keep up to date with progress:


What’s finished so far:

The first level

The basic menu layout

Some of the audio

What needs to be finished/Added:

All the levels

All audio

Higher resolution graphics


Hi-Score table




Gamepad Support


Meet the Team


Game Design / Programming

Jonathan Crook

Art and Graphic Design

Kim Paris