Is cheating in games wrong?

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in a game and not being able to progress any further. It breaks immersion, it is frustrating and makes you care less and less about the story. Either you are stuck because you do not know where to go, or because it is hard or a particular level is just too difficult. What can you do? Easy – Cheat!

But is cheating in games wrong? Is it a low that you shouldn’t go down to?

Well personally I think that cheating is perfectly fine, at least in a singleplayer game. I mean why not use cheats? They can unlock cool features in the game and sure it is best to be able to progress by cheating rather than not at all? Now I know you may be thinking “but why cheat? Surely that defeats the purpose of playing games and you are not then achieving anything?” – Well my fellow gaming chum, I do semi agree with that statement but there are reasons why cheating is acceptable:

1. Get access to cool features!

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One of the main reasons why I generally use cheats on occasion is to get access to cool things that I either cannot be bothered to unlock or to features that are not normally accessible.

This reason is more for sandbox games mostly, but other games too! For example in the Sims being able to cheat gives you access to all the items you want plus you can manipulate the level in new and fun ways. The Sims is a singleplayer experience too with no real story beyond those you make up as you go along.

What about first person games? Say, Call of Duty? Cheating online is always a big no no, it is not fun for anyone. But if you are playing through a singleplayer game there is nothing better than instant access to loads of cool new weapons.

2. New Game Plus

When you have finished a game or the main story at least, you have gotten most of you may have gotten your enjoyment from a game. That’s it. Finished. Done. Well for games without a New Game+ then I would recommend cheats to get even more value for your money with that game. Grand Theft Auto games for example are great when using cheats if all you want to do is sandbox.

Again, this is not really ruining any gameplay.

3. You are stuck on a level or boss

There is nothing worse when playing a game than getting stuck on a level or a boss. Either this is not knowing where to go next or constantly dying or being unable to progress. There are so many times you can try before getting really frustrated and walking away to never play the game again.

Well instead of the above, use a cheat code. I don’t think you should use cheats each time you have a challenge, but certainly if you are lost and stuck for an hour then why not get past that bit?

Recently I have been playing Theme Hospital to scratch that retro itch we all get from time to time and have managed to get halfway through the game before getting to a level that just took ages to get anywhere in, so I gave myself some extra cash so I could cure more patients to finish the level. That is the only time I have used cheats, one code once for a bit more money on one level. I do not feel I have cheated that moment when I finally completed that game.

Of course it is each to their own. I would not like to use cheats all the time but certainly once in a while I do not feel like I have lost out on anything. That being said I would avoid cheats if going for achievements (though that is rare for me) and only when really stuck etc.

Many games now do not come with cheats in the way they used to, particularly on game consoles. Good or bad, you decide.

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