Space Engineers – It’s Minecraft in Space

Staring over someone’s computer at a LAN party I see them playing a game like Minecraft, but not, it’s in space. He is carefully building a space craft of some description. I query him what the game was, “Space Engineers” he replies. I look at the space craft take shape before him and decide to have a look into this game. That was a week ago today and over this week I have accumulated 50+ hours into this game. Not bad for a £15 investment.

Space Engineers sees you drop into a world where you can build and craft space craft, small and large, plus space stations. The interface and premise is very similar to Minecraft, albeit Creepers being replaced with Meteor Showers. The game is its early stages but is already very stable with most features in the game. Recently I have become dubious about Early Access games on Steam but this game is very much heavily supported by the developer, Keen Software House. There are updates every Thursday that add new features, blocks and bugfixes.

So what exactly can you do beyond build in Space Engineers? Well there are currently 2 game modes, Creative which as you may imagine gives you all the resources you need, makes you invincible and you do not need to do any crafting of resources. The other mode is Survival, this mode means you need to mine, refine and craft resources to make items to craft. Unfortunately there is no enemy AI to fight as of yet, though you can enable random cargo ships to spawn.

Despite no enemies, you can buddy up with friends. Each new game that you start makes a “World”, (which is ironic being that you start in space). You can make that world accessible to your Steam friends, the public or private.

Multiplayer is where this game really comes into its own. Either building stations and ships together in a team effort or by making factions and scheming and fighting against each other. Just remember to back up your world first so you can revert back to before any carnage!

This game can be purchased for under £10 if you look around and is well worth the price. Many Minecraft clones are just, meh, but this game is really well worth your time! Don’t be put off by the early access wording as it is highly polished and a treat to play!

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