Top 5 places to visit in World of Warcraft

So recently I have got back into playing World of Warcraft. Many places I remember well such as Elwynn Forest. Others, I do not. However after several hours of playing some zones really stick out as those I enjoyed playing previously and now enjoy visiting. I decided to give you my top 5 zones in World of Warcraft in no particular order.


5. Duskwood


Duskwood, a ghostly, creepy place.

Duskwood is an area that I remember looking very creepy and being too scared to go into when I was level 5-12. Dark, ominous trees with some unforgettable ambient music. Duskwood is one of the most atmospheric zones I think with some superb quest lines. Unfortunately many people skip the lore in World of Warcraft but Duskwood is an area which has some great stories to tell. When I originally played WoW, Duskwood was home to one of the Aspect Dragons that was defending the portal to The Emerald Dream. Duskwood also occasionally had the mini-boss, Stiches, who would wander down the road to attack the small hamlet town of Darkshire. Alas, neither of these creatures seem to be there anymore. During the corrupted plague, myself and my WoW-addicted fiance camped out in Duskwood to avoid infection.


Deadwind Pass to the South-East leading to very high level areas acted almost as a way of making you want to level up to explore further. I remember one time trying to get to Swamp of Sorrow only to be killed on the way. To the South is Stranglethorn Vale which again, was very inviting for a young first time player. Another area which I would often cheekily wonder into.


For Human players, Duskwood on a PVP (player versus player) server would be their first zone where they may run into Horde players making it somewhat more of a dangerous place.


4. Zangermarsh


Zangermarsh, may not be the most beautiful zone in Warcraft


Ah, Zangermarsh. This zone is one of my favourite for questing and levelling. I am not even sure why I like this zone, it is quite pleasant to look at but is arguably nowhere near the most beautiful of zones. However, I would say the quests in this zone flow so incredibly well and really give a good amount of XP that it makes this zone a joy to be in. Some zones seem to drag on forever when it comes to questing/levelling, but Zangermarsh never seems to outstay its welcome.


Zangermarsh has some great set pieces when it comes to quests and I consider it to be the central point in the Burning Crusade expansion. Normally I go to Zangermarsh after Hellfire Peninsula and leave around level 65.


3. Eastern Plaguelands

Eastern Plaguelands

Eastern Plaguelands, view from Darrowshire


Eastern Plaguelands is a zone that really takes me back to Warcraft III. This zone is where the Scourge is still a concern for the people. It is a desolate place and in vanilla WoW before expansions would have been one of the highest level zones.

It is here where we meet Pamela wondering Darrowshire, this is one of my all time favourite quests in World of Warcraft. The story is of the ghost of a little girl who is alone in a ghost town and you must reunite her with her father. Eastern Plaguelands certainly can feel lonely and is very foreboding, but certainly has a great atmosphere that makes it a zone worth checking out.


2. Feralas


Feralas is one of the best looking zones


Feralas is one of the most beautiful zones in World of Warcraft. It is also one of the best for levelling as has some fantastic quests. This area has not been touched as much as others from Cataclysm so any old time WoW veterans will be right at home here. This zone is best described as being remote. Very remote indeed. In fact if you are on even a busy/full server you will unlikely come across many people here. Generally speaking players only venture to Feralas to quest. Just like Duskwood, the Emerald Dream guarding Dragon is no longer here so is one less challenge.

This is again a zone that if you are in the right level for it, is well worth checking out. Alliance players can fly in at Dreamer’s Rest to be in a central location in the zone.


1. Zul’Drak


Zul’Drak, not that pretty but great for levelling

Zul’Drak is not exactly the prettiest zone in Warcraft by far! However, what this zone lacks in looks and draw it makes up for with fantastic quests that make levelling here very easy indeed. The zone is a temple that rises up in a few stages meaning as you progress through quests you progress through the zone in a logical manner.

Some of those quests have some great scripted sequences, for example [SPOILER ALERT] you get to meet the Lich King for the first time.

Wrath of the Lich King introduced some fantastic locations each with a character of their own. Zul’Drak may not be much to look at but certainly give it consideration for levelling around level 75.


With so many locations in World of Warcraft each offering different perks, such as dungeons, good quest chains, beautiful landscapes etc it is hard to find a favourite. Whilst writing this I have considered Ashenvale and Elwynn Forest etc but the above I think offer something slightly different to the usual zones that most pick.

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